We are an Information Security Company that specializes in offensive security. Our offensive security assessment services cover all modern technologies from Web2 to Web3.

Services We Offer

With a dedicated team of professionals, we deliver high quality services.

Application Penetration Testing

Identifies security weaknesses in
software applications. Exploit potential entry
points through controlled attacks.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies potential vulnerabilities and
misconfigurations in network

Reverse Engineering

Dissecting technology to understand
it's core working. In-depth analysis of it's design, functionality and overall
security posture.

Vulnerability Research

Identifies and analyse security
weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities in software applications, assessment is not
limited to known CVEs.

Source Code Review

Identifies security vulnerabilities,
design flaws or coding errors in software application's source code, analysis involves automated and manual inspections.

Smart Contract Security review

Ensures code integrity and
vulnerability mitigation, enhance the reliability of blockchain-based transactions.


Our trainings mainly focus on the niche topics and advanced aspects. However, we also provide more basic trainings On-Demand.

Reverse Engineering Training

Learn to identify security vulnerabilities, navigate assembly code, debug programs & create exploits. The training equips you to reverse engineer for security assessments.

Vulnerability Research & Exploitation

Acquire practical skills in
identifying software weaknesses, analysing code, crafting exploits
and finding zero-days for various vulnerability disclosure

Offensive Smart Contract & Blockchain Security

Learn to audit and secure
smart contract code, strengthen decentralized applications, mitigating risks and gain expertise in fortifying the blockchain ecosystems.

Custom on-demand trainings

Client oriented training
programs, tailored to meet the requirements and technical skillset of the audience. The option is ideal for corporates and educational institutions.

about us

MIRAC LABS is a global information security service provider, acclaimed to deliver advanced offensive security services and trainings in the field. With a dedicated team of security professionals, we would like to bring our experience from various local and international projects to deliver quality services to our clients.


MIRAC LABS is a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts with an experience of over a decade in information security research, consulting and trainings.